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FPL just hit a major milestone on it’s way to becoming fully solar powered

Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL) just hit the mark of 12 million solar panels installed in Florida. If you’re already buying solar-generated energy, why not get it directly from the sun?

A significant number is being projected by Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL): the company is already 40% done with it’s “30 by 30” plan, installing 30 million solar panels in Florida until 2030. To date, the company has installed more than 12 million solar panels in the state, in one of the largest solar expansions in the US.

The growth leads to 42 solar energy centers in Florida today, including the Discovery Solar Energy Center at the Kennedy Space Center, which recently went into operation. The company’s installation of solar panels can save customers $421 million in energy savings over the lifetime of the assets, making Florida third-ranked in solar power generation, with a track record to be the world leader in solar capacity by the end of the decade, according to FPL.

For the president and CEO of FPL, Eric Silagy, this would be a milestone in the quest to ensure energy with zero pollutant emissions, thus building a more resilient and sustainable energy future. He also points out that no one in the US is building and supplying more solar energy than FPL. “We are committed to providing clean energy to our customers, at an affordable cost and in a reliable way. Our expansion confirms that we are ready to fulfill this promise, in a consistent way”, he reinforces.

By 2021, nearly all solar power centers that go into operation will also support FPL SolarTogether™ – the company’s community solar program, the largest in the country. By the end of 2030, FPL plans to have more than 11,700 MW of universal solar capacity. To support its solar construction, the company recently began installing the first components of the world’s largest integrated solar-powered battery system, the 400 MW FPL Manatee Energy Storage Center.

And showing that it is truly committed to creating a new awareness of clean energy production and consumption, FPL will lead by example and demolish its last coal-fired power plant in Florida, with plans to replace it with energy facilities. cleaner and emission-free solar.

“Solar power helps us provide reliable power to millions of customers, fuels our economy with jobs and benefits our environment” said Silagy.

With FPL going solar, it becomes inevitable to ask: if even big energy companies are turning to the sun for power generation, why wouldn’t regular homeowners do the same? After all, the sun provides free energy for all of us, and investing in solar energy is the best long-term choice for any home or business.

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