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With solar pool heating, you can make the most of the sunny Florida weather. It is the best pool heating option, for a number of reasons - check out 3 main reasons why you should switch to a solar pool heating system before summer:

1) It is financially attractive - in comparison to other pool heating technologies, solar is by far the one with lowest annual operational costs. After all, energy is provided for free by the sun. It also has the lowest maintenance costs of all heating pool options.

2) It is durable, safe and quiet! Sunlight Solar only uses the highest quality solar pool panels in the industry, offering long lasting systems (no moving parts, no corrosion) that often outlast their warranties.

3) Summer for the entire year! Why wait ‘till summer? With a solar pool heating system, you can extend your swimming season up to 10 full months, bringing the most use out of your pool.

Solar pool heating is the most economically attractive option for heating pools. In comparison with other pool heating technologies, the solar pool heater is:

  • The lowest annual operational costs (energy is provided for free by the sun)
  • The lowest maintenance costs (minimal if any)
  • The cleanest, safest, and quietest source of energy
  • Durable and long lasting (no moving parts, no corrosion – almost always outlasting their warranties).

SunLight Solar uses the highest quality solar pool panels the industry has to offer.
  • Heat your pool to a warm and comfortable temperature
  • Extend your swimming season up to 10 full months!
  • Add value to your pool and home

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