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Solar Electric Systems

SunLight Solar is one of the leading residential solar power design-build contractors in Florida. We design, engineer, permit, install, and service any residential or commercial solar photovoltaic systems.

Solar Electric – PV Systems
Whether the job is to lower utility bills, fully replace fossil fuel-generated power for lights and appliances, or to simply trickle charge a spare battery, solar electricity has been proven to be clean, safe, and reliable.

  • Zero your emissions of polluting gases
  • Up to 30-years warranty
  • Financing up to 30 years
  • Fast Installation and cheap maintenance

SunLight Solar utilizes leading manufacturers in the solar industry when it comes to materials/products used.

5 steps of the process of installing your solar energy systems:

Many people wonder how the process of installing a solar energy system works! So, we came to tell you how it’s done!

Check out the main steps of an installation: ⬇

1- Sign Contract and Financing
After all the signed documentation, contracts and financing, we will start the next steps:

2- Permitting
We do all the necessary documentation for permits with the county.

3- Installation
Once approved, our installers install all the equipment. Installation is quick and takes one to two days.

4- Inspection
After installation, the county inspector will carry out your inspection, and everything being up to standard, we proceed to the next and final step.

5- Change meter
We get in touch with your electricity operator and make the request to exchange the old meter for a new one.

At every step of the installation we do everything for you

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  • Does solar energy work on cloudy days?

    When choosing to invest in solar energy, many people wonder if on cloudy and colder days it is possible to maintain energy generation and consumption in their home.

    But yes, it’s possible!

    Even on days with lower incidence of sun’s rays, solar panels can capture a large amount of solar radiation and consequently produce energy.

  • Do PV solar panels need maintenance?

    On average, newly installed residential solar power systems are expected to last anywhere from 25 to 30 years before needing any significant maintenance. That means new homebuyers in their early 30s will likely be in their 60s before they ever have to call a specialist for maintenance.

    However, if you do need any maintenance (in case of damage after a storm, for example), Sunlight Solar can help! We provide easy and fast maintenance for all PV panels.

  • Do PV solar panels need cleaning?

    Yes, they do! We always recommend getting your solar panels cleaned after spring time, when a lot of pollen can accumulate on the surface, lowering your PV panels efficiency.

  • Can Solar Energy be stored?

    Yes, solar energy can be stored in batteries. This is done on systems connected to the network with battery backups and on solar systems outside the network.


  • Are Solar Energy Systems really worth it?

    It depends on how much you pay for the utility. The fee you pay for the utility per kilowatt hour today is one of the biggest factors when considering whether a solar investment is sensible. Remember that each year your utility fee increases.

  • How does Solar Energy save Money?

    Solar Energy saves money by reducing the amount of electricity you need to buy from the dealership. You will produce your own energy at much lower kilowatt-hour price.

  • Can solar energy really power an entire house?

    Yes, it’s totally possible to become 100% self-sufficient, generate your own electricity and never again depend on regular energy sources. Over the years, you also will no longer have monthly costs on electricity and can be free of that expense for good.